Personalising a funeral


Personalising your funeral arrangements means making choices about the service, the coffin or casket, whether it's a burial or a cremation, where it will take place, and how the memory will be honoured.

When discussing your arrangements, you may like to consider some of the following options. You may have other ideas in mind. Please discuss them with us so we can ensure your needs are met in complete detail.

Call us on (08) 9330 8300 for further information and discussion about what is included for each of the personalisation options below.

  • Burial or Cremation: existing family grave, new grave, general area or lawn area, mausoleum.
  • Location: Perth metropolitan area, rural Western Australia or in any other Australian location.
  • Service options: such as religious or cultural rites.
  • Committal location: at the graveside, church, crematorium or other chapel.
  • Priest, Minister or Celebrant
  • Coffin, Casket or Urn
  • Cortège (Hearse and Mourning Coach): We provide a hearse to transport the deceased and can supply any number of mourning coaches you request to transport the family.
  • Viewing
  • Presentation and Embalming: embalming is only essential if the deceased is to be interned in a mausoleum. Makeup may be used to give a natural look for a viewing. Temporary preservation, a form of embalming, is recommended is there is to be a viewing.
  • Dress: a personal choice, either according to your wishes or a shroud may be supplied by the funeral director if it is preferred.
  • Press Announcements: we can arrange press announcements including a Funeral Notice and a Family Notice.
  • Flowers: floral tributes or perhaps donations to a charity in lieu of flowers for the service.
  • Music
  • Involvement of Family and Friends: carrying or escorting the coffin as pallbearers, reading a eulogy, placing flowers, leading a song or telling an anecdote can mean a great deal to family and friends.
  • Eulogy: a speech prepared and delivered to honour the life of the loved one who has passed away.
  • Symbolic gestures, Cultures & Farewells: for example ceremonies including food or flowers and leaving mementos in the coffin. We also have special knowledge of the customs of different ethnic and religious cultures.
  • Keepsakes: you may choose to keep something personal of your loved one, such as a lock of hair or a hand-print.
  • Displays and Tributes: especially common when someone has contributed publicly to his or her community in their lifetime.
  • Recording the Service
  • Order of Service: a print of the service in a pamphlet or booklet.
  • Mourner Cards and/or Register
  • Memorials
  • Catering
  • Returned Service Personnel
  • Grave Markers
  • Memorials and Monuments