Memorial Services

Memorial Services

Each year for Christmas, Oakwood Funerals provides a moving and celebratory service in honour of missing loved ones.

This is a special way to revisit the memories you hold dear of those who are no longer here to share in the special family time. All are welcome to join this memorial service.

Oakwood Funerals can also arrange for a memorial service to meet the needs of families, clubs and other organisations. If you would like to discuss holding a private memorial service, or you would like to find out more about Oakwood's Christmas memorial service, call us on

(08) 9330 8300

Memorialise Online via HeavenAddress

Memorialisation is a tender way to show respect, to remember and acknowledge a loved one while at the same time offering a place where grief can be expressed and memories revisited.

At Oakwood Funerals, we will provide you with a complimentary HeavenAddress memorial so that your family can have these benefits.

HeavenAddress is an online memorial site dedicated to helping friends, family and community groups come together to pay their respects, share precious memories, remember their loved ones and offer comfort and support to one another.

HeavenAddress creates a sense of belonging - where even future generations can view a memorial of their relative and leave their own personal tributes and condolences.

HeavenAddress offers many features which allow families to easily set up a memorial page, manage the security, personalise the content and be as creative as they choose with the memories they wish to share. It is a safe, secure and comforting environment.

Providing the families that choose us with an online memorial is another way Oakwood Funerals is the strength by your side.

Visit HeavenAddress official website

Memorialising online is a great way to honour the memory of a loved one. HeavenAddress offers this for free.