Rethink your final footprint.

Oakwood Funerals is proud to introduce Green Endings to families and communities of Western Australia.

Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals is the first time that Western Australians have been provided with a range of options for those looking for a more environmentally-conscious way to leave this earth.

If your loved one lived by green ideals, they can now leave by them too.

A Green Endings funeral respects the wishes, life choices, and values of your loved one, and is our way of supporting the growing number of people seeking a funeral that is sensitive to the environment.

We are proud to support this initiative, ensuring the families that choose a Green Ending will still have the strength of the Oakwood Funerals team at their side.

Please visit the Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals website to learn more about how we can help you and your family leave a smaller environmental footprint while at the same time leaving a living legacy.

An Introduction to Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals

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