Coffins & Caskets

Coffins & Caskets

Ranging from traditional Australian wooden coffins to environmentally conscious options and the ability to design your own via LifeArt, Oakwood Funerals has a wide range of coffins, caskets and urns. 

LifeArt Coffins

LifeArt allows you to celebrate life, character and passion by using beautiful photos, poems and messages to personalise a coffin.

Choose a design from LifeArt's gallery, decorate the coffin yourself, or LifeArt's graphic designer can help create something truly unique and personal.

LifeArt Australasia is an Australian company dedicated to making funerals more personal and special through innovation.

For the environmentally conscious customers, LifeArt offers EnViroboard™, a coffin made from recycled, sustainable materials that can be given a high quality printed finish of your choosing.

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Traditionally in Australia, coffins are tapered - narrow at the head, flared out at the shoulders and then tapered in towards the foot. These are made from veneered customwood or solid timber.

LifeArt Coffins

The environmentally friendly coffins from LifeArt are created by taking photos of our precious Australian timbers, or images supplied from photo galleries or families. These images are then digitally printed, enabling us to make a personalised coffin.


A casket is rectangular in shape, has a hinged lid and made from veneered customwood, solid timber or metal. Families may request a special design, shape or colour.

For more information on our coffins and caskets range, prices, and to schedule a visit to our Booragoon or Rockingham funeral home:

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