Our services


At Oakwood Funerals we help bring your family together to arrange a funeral service that truly celebrates and honours the life of your loved one.

Oakwood Funerals provides a full range of services to assist people following the death of a family member and guide them through the funeral arrangement procedure.

We are there for the family from the time of taking the person who has died into care, arranging all mortuary care, transportation, legal and identity procedures and attending to all procedures leading to burial or cremation.

For cost estimates or making immediate funeral arrangements, contact us online or call us any time of day.

Our services honour and dignify the life of the person who has died, and they do so in every step, in every detail.

An Oakwood funeral service preserves the respect held by a father or son; a mother or daughter; a husband or wife; brother or sister; friend or neighbour – for only those people can know how a life fully lived has affected them.

Our funeral directors hold a deep compassionate understanding of grief; that unfamiliar inexplicable emotion that affects every person, and every person differently.

Following the death of someone close, we make the biggest difference by attending to all the little details that can honour a person’s life. We are the gentle faces everyone attending the funeral feels they know.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to funerals, and there are many ways to create an authentic, meaningful service that is relevant and true to the life that was lived.