Prepay a Funeral

Prepay a Funeral

Pre-arranging your funeral is as commonsense in financial planning as superannuation and bequests. If you do it now, you will feel better knowing all your affairs are in order. You guarantee that it will be exactly as you want it - the service, the cemetery, and the cost. And all your family members are freed from just that little bit of extra worry.

The Prepaid Funeral Plan through Oakwood Funerals is an investment plan that pays for your funeral exactly as you want it arranged, whether it occurs days or decades after you make the arrangement. It is a safe, sound and sensible investment because you pay for the funeral arrangements you want at today's prices. And you can pay for it in instalments. The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions. Once paid in full there is no more to pay unless additional inclusions are incurred.

The services provided by the team at Oakwood Funerals are second to none, and taking out a Prepaid Funeral Plan will ensure that our customary care and respect will only be a phone call away when your family really needs it.

If you are looking to start a Prepaid Funeral Plan now, or you'd like more information about the process and prices before making your decision, take the step today and talk to us:

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Why Prepay With Oakwood?

If ever there was a day in your life when you want everything to go just right, it's the day you hold a funeral for a loved one. The one day you need a funeral director whose commitment is to be strong for you. To stand by you. To take care of every detail. It's the strength you look for when you choose the funeral director. The good thing is, you don't have to look far: it's the strength of Oakwood Funerals.

A prepaid funeral with Oakwood is for anyone who likes to leave things neat and tidy.

What Do I Need To Do – Making My Wishes Known

When it comes to prepaying a funeral service you will need to make important choices such as the style and venue for the funeral service, your selection of coffin or casket, whether to be cremated or buried, what memorial arrangements need to be made, and which cemetery to use. Read more about the options for personalising your funeral in the services section.

Oakwood's dedicated funeral directors can assist you with all your choices, even if that is to be buried in another country or state. Our experience and connections to trusted funeral service providers all around Australia and the world can be relied on to get the service right for your family. We also cater for special requests that families wish to include in the funeral arrangements.

Whatever your wishes are, the teams at Oakwood's funeral homes have the experience, care and professionalism to reflect your true wishes.