Our Commitment

Our Commitment

One of the hearses ready at the Oakwood funeral home in Booragoon

Oakwood Funerals is committed to providing an excellent level of service based on our desire to honour a lifetime of tradition in the best way possible. Because we are not associated with any religious or cultural practice, we are in a position to provide funeral services encompassing any or all traditions, or none if that may be the case.

To our funeral directors, every funeral is an individual event and wherever possible we will strive to provide the family with the exact tributes they wish to employ in celebrating the life of their loved one. We have provided services to many families including State funerals, religious ceremonies, cultural traditions, armed service traditions and services involving tributes that are private and meaningful.

Oakwood Funerals is proudly Australian, and has been serving the communities of Perth and surrounding areas since 1999.

Our staff are professional, well qualified with years of experience within the funeral industry. They are dedicated to offering the best level of personal care and attention. We provide dignified, respectful funeral services for all faiths and communities.

Complaints Procedure

All Oakwood Funeral Directors strive at all times to do their best and provide an exemplary level of service. However, should you at any time be dissatisfied with your experience with Oakwood Funerals, we encourage you to bring the issue to our notice. You can do this directly at one of our funeral homes, using our contact form, or raise it in the customer survey we ask you to complete after a funeral service.