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Local Legends Award

Do you know a caring community member who deserves recognition? Nominate them as a Local Legend for their chance to receive $1,000 and an additional $1,000 to be donated to a charity of their choice.

$2,000 Reward

That's $1,000 to the Local Legend and $1,000 to their charity of choice*.

Entries open from the 16th of June 2017 until the 31st October 2017.

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*Terms and Conditions for Local Legends Award


These terms & conditions apply to the use of an INVOCARE Local Legends Award, issued by InvoCare Australia Pty Limited ABN 22 060 060 031. Participating in an INVOCARE Local Legends Award means that you accept the following conditions.

1. PURSLOWE FUNERALS, CHIPPER FUNERALS, OAKWOOD FUNERALS and CHRISTIAN FUNERALS will award one finalist from each region (refer to Appendix A for region breakdown) $1,000 and award $1,000 to a charity selected by the award recipient.

2. A nominated person needs to have completed or carried out tasks within the region they have been nominated in.
    a. Nominations for work completed outside the region where the nomination was placed will be     transferred to the region in which the work was carried out.
        i. If the work was completed within a region that INVOCARE does not operate in, the nomination will         be transferred to the closest region in which INVOCARE operates.

3. Nominations will open at the beginning of business on 16th June 2017 and at the close of business on 31st October 2017 (the campaign period).
    a. Nominations received after this date will not be accepted.
    b. Nominations will be shortlisted during the campaign period.
        i. Shortlisted nominations may be contacted during the campaign period to validate their         nominations.
        ii. Shortlisted nominations may be contacted by a public relations agency engaged by INVOCARE,         Origin Agency, during the campaign period to be interview for articles in relation to advertising and         public relations campaigns.

4. Nominations can be made online or at a participating PURSLOWE FUNERALS, CHIPPER FUNERALS, OAKWOOD FUNERALS and CHRISTIAN FUNERALS location by way of written nominations.

5. Individuals can be nominated by a third party or by themselves:
    a. If an individual is nominated by a third party INVOCARE will require authorization from the     nominated individual to contact them.
        i. An email will be sent to the NOMINATOR confirming that their nomination has been shortlisted. In         order to progress the nomination through to becoming a shortlisted finalist, the NOMINATOR will         be required to forward the email containing a link to a form to the NOMINEE to complete, giving         INVOCARE permission to contact them. Alternatively, the NOMINEE can call the contact number         provided to speak with an INVOCARE representative to authorize contact.
            1. If permission to contact the NOMINEE is not received the nomination of the person will not             progress any further.
    b. If an individual nominates themselves they are giving permission to INVOCARE and its public     relations agency to contact them in relation to the Local Legend Award.

6. Nominations are open to people 18 years and older.

7. One entry per participant.

8. Shortlisted nominations will be verified to authenticate the claim made as to why they should be the Local Legend for their region.
    a. References may be requested to legitimise the claim.
    b. If a nomination cannot be verified it will not progress to the next selection process.

9. During verification of NOMINEE, the NOMINEE will need to select the charity to which PURSLOWE FUNERALS, CHIPPER FUNERALS, OAKWOOD FUNERALS and CHRISTIAN FUNERALS will donate $1,000 on their behalf.

10. Finalists will be reviewed by a panel of four judges. The judging panel will consist of:
    a. INVOCARE Location manager
    b. INVOCARE Regional Manager
    c. INVOCARE Head office representative
    d. Community Representative (to be confirmed)

11. There will be a judging panel in each region. For information on the judging panel, please refer to 10. above.

12. The judging selection panel will award a Local Legend Award for their region.
    a. Shortlisted nominations will be reviewed for each region by the panel of judges and the award     recipient will be notified on Wednesday 15th November 2017.
        i. Local media will be notified of the award recipient following the award recipient being notified.

13. NOMINEES and NOMINATORS will be contacted by email to notify them of the award recipient between Wednesday 15th November and Friday 17th November 2017.

14. NOMINEES and NOMINATORS may be contacted during the campaign period to update them on the status of the campaign.

15. Individuals who enter the Local Legends campaign will only be contacted in relation to the Local Legends campaign and not for any other reason. Unless a person has requested information regarding prepaid funerals by ticking the opt in box on the entry form.
    a. If a person opts to be contacted regarding prepaid funerals, an INVOCARE prepaid consultant will     make contact.
        i. Invocare reserves the right to contact your from time to time with information and promotional         material related to prepaid funerals.

16. Community Newspaper titles and radio stations will be contacted to promote the campaign and announce the campaign results.

17. INVOCARE employees and family members, and its public relations agency are excluded from entering the campaign promotion.